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HyDry® products

Anker HyDry

HyDry® Infrared unit (IR) -
Intelligently controlled intermittent drying 



max. 750 watts / up to a max. of 73 degrees
Dimensions 100 x 60 x 6 cm / 9,6 Kg

HyDry® slim

HyDry® slim

max. 410 watts / up to a max. of 73 degrees
Dimensions 100 x 30 x 6 cm / 5.6 Kg

HyDry® edge

HyDry® edge

max. 2 x 410 watts / up to a max. of 73 degrees
Dimensions 2 x 100 x 30 x 6 cm / 8.8 Kg


Our premium HyDry® infrared devices have been developed for daily use in technical drying applications in cases of water damage and moisture in buildings.

The innovative solution for the effective and long-term drying of walls, including corner and base areas, thus preventing later release of residual moisture from the inside of the material to the surface. The drying process is monitored and controlled automatically.

All devices are equipped with a communication module and are connected to the IoT (Internet of Things) network of IRES.

Data are accessible online at any time via the HyDry® customer portal or the IRES Project Manager.


  • Sensor-based drying process control

  • Robust housing made of impact-proof plastic

  • MID certified electricity meter

  • Operating mode LEDs

  • Infrared temperature probe for measuring wall temperature

  • Protection class IP 54

  • NB-IoT communication module

  • Temperature and position sensor for safe operation

  • Compatible panel connection system for easy installation

  • Periodic and automatic update of the operating software via the IoT



  • Optimised air circulation leads to gains in efficiency

  • Suitable for any type of wall drying

  • Safe to use on any type of material

  • The entire drying process can be programmed with just 2 trips to the installation site

  • The automatic "Plug & Play" mode is clearly indicated by a LED

  • Remote access to data and possibility of remote control via the  HyDry® customer portal or the IRES Project Manager

  • HyDry® products deliver maximum performance while remaining light-weight

  • Simple installation can be done by just one person

  • Various accessories such as panel connectors and wall mounts are available


HyDry® IR gallery
Anker Angebotspakete
HyDry® bundled offer for getting started
HyDry® Starter kit

Your first step into the world of HyDry® products with the

HyDry® Starter kit:
6 devices, 2 of each type including accessories and initial training.

Your customised HyDry® devices
HyDry® Individual

Do you need a customised HyDry® package or would you like have your own logo or corporate colours on your control unit and

HyDry® devices?

Anker Controlbox


HyDry® Box - Remote Control Unit


The Box gives you full control over the drying process without generating any additional operating costs. The Box revolutionises the control of drying projects by recording and constantly documenting the following values over the entire project duration:

  • Relative and absolute humidity / temperature

  • Power consumption kW

  • Measurement of radon

  • CO2

  • Water level

​The Box is easily operated from a robust touch screen with individually adjustable alarm functions.


  • Protection class IP 54

  • Residual-current device

  • Calibrated and tamper-proof MID certified electricity meter

  • 4 power distributors (max. 3600 watt) with a 16A fuse

  • 5m extension cord suitable for work sites

  • Moisture sensor system for process measurements 

  • Special sleeve with a guide for the system of moisture sensors

  • Edge joint measurement adapter

  • 5m and 10m extension cables for the moisture sensor system

  • Combination lock included



  • Easy set-up via a touch screen

  • Intuitive design of program control selection menus

  • Automatic operation with constant data communication to the IRES communication network

  • Tracking of power consumption, ambient conditions and air within the insulation layer

  • Regulation of the drying process based on data collected by the system of moisture sensors

  • Can be updated at any time via the IRES Cloud

  • Various accessories are available


Moving connected towards the future - with the
HyDry® devices & NB IoT

All our devices use a NB IoT connection to the IRES communication network.
The use of the narrowband Internet of Things provides intelligent data exchange and highly efficient communication. HyDry® offer you herewith already today all the advantages of digital transformation in the field of water damage restoration.

Advantages of the Internet of Things (IoT):

Anker NBIoT neu
  • Increased efficiency thanks to an intelligent device interconnection

  • Improved data collection and intelligent device maintenance

  • Devices can be monitored and controlled remotely from any location, reducing the amount of personnel required

  • Increased profitability thanks to a reduction of operating costs

  • Increased competitive advantage due to the early use of modern technologies

  • Optimal building penetration

Easy remote control of the devices:
The HyDry® customer portal

The devices regularly report their state to the IRES communication network. All significant changes in operating conditions as well as in energy consumption are reported. 

The drying progress is easy to understand and clearly visible on the chart displayed.

Devices can be bundled by project, allowing a overview of the global progress of entire drying projects. At project completion, a report including the energy consumption and a graphical representation of the entire drying process can be easily created.

Our business models:
Test, buy, rent, lease

After a limited testing phase, our customers can choose under which of the following different models they wish to keep the devices:

Purchase, rental or leasing.

With these models, we provide our partners with customised solutions which are perfectly adapted to their corporate needs.

The different models offered can be also combined.  

Anker Schulung
Anker Downloads
Our training

Our team is delighted to support and help you at any time.
If needed, we are available to offer help directly on-site. 
We share our technical knowledge with you through the training workshops carried out at your company premises.

The contents of our trainings focus on the process of technical drying and reach far beyond our own product world.


Please click on the symbol of the relevant document to download the corresponding file.

Are you interested in our HyDry​® products?

We look forward to hearing from you by phone or email!

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