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IRES Projektmanager im Einsatz

IRES Project Manager

Ires PM Steps

Mobile on-site

data entry

Standardised data entry

Thanks to the IRES Project Manager, all leak detection and technical drying process data can be entered and modified on-site or wherever you are, based on the individual projects that you have created.

​The equipment management function, compatible with most manufacturers’ equipment, the automatic data backup as well as the integrated possibility of distinguishing productive from non-productive hours for single projects complete the IRES Project Manager software package.​



Giving transparency

The project overview of the IRES Project Manager indicates the status of each project with a specific colour code and allows intuitive and quick data entry via drop-down menus and predefined texts. 

The user concept with different roles facilitates the creation of reports and gives full transparency to the projects.

Optimised process-based user guidance

Improving efficiency

The process-oriented, step-by-step use of the IRES Project Manager within the project sequence ranging from leak detection, over damage report and drying equipment installation to final project completion facilitates the daily work of employees on the work sites significantly and helps your company to gain in efficiency.


​The IRES Project Manager supports you with project calculation and planning and stores your project documentation so it’s at your fingertips whenever you need it. 

Real-time synchronisation

Optimising operating procedures

The real-time data synchronisation of the IRES Project Manager as well as the additional access to all projects via the HyDry® customer portal ensure that anyone involved in the project is kept up to date at any time.

 Thanks to the optionally available connection to any ERP system, the IRES Project Manager allows for a 360-degree digitalisation and optimisation of your individual operating procedures in the field of leak detection and drying.

First insights into to the IRES Project Manager

Let’s get started!
Project creation.

Overview of a new drying project

Project execution.

Project list

Project completion.

Overview of a completed drying project
Your path to the 360-degrees digitalisation:
Flexible data exchange between the IRES Project Manager and ERP systems

Thanks to the possibility of connecting it to any ERP system, the IRES Project Manager ensures a flexible, continuous data exchange between individual systems. The result: further digitalisation and enhanced efficiency of your operating procedures in the field of leak detection and drying.

The IRES Project Manager combined with the HyDry® customer portal
HyDry customer portal

The HyDry® customer portal allows the primary functions of the IRES Project Manager to be operated via a web interface.

The functions available range from the simple creation of new projects to viewing the final report. The advantage of this feature is that, as well as on-site technicians, any other person involved in the project can access or even share relevant project information. 

Thanks to the real-time synchronisation, no more precious time is lost. The full visibility over upcoming tasks is improved, which allows rapid intervention and direct initiation and execution.

Interaction of the IRES Project Manager with HyDry® devices and customer portal
HyDry customer portal

By opting for the IRES Project Manager, the HyDry® equipment and the customer portal, our clients benefit from the interaction of interconnected devices via NB IoT and the digital IT project world.

​All devices are equipped with a communication module and are connected to the IoT (Internet of Things) network of IRES. 

Consequently, data is available online at any time and the devices report their status to the IRES communication network regularly. 

The drying progress is clearly visible and easy to follow on the chart displayed.

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