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Digital technology for water damage restoration

HyDry® Infrared unit
Intelligently controlled intermittent drying.

The optimal equipment: our products
HyDry®, HyDry® slim and HyDry® edge for a quick, effective, long-term and energy efficient drying.
New – recent innovation:
HyDry® Remote Control Unit

The HyDry® Box allows both the drying process of the insulation layer and the actual ambient conditions to be monitored easily, reliably and safely - all without any recurring operating costs for data communication.

The Box: From prototype to serial product.

Combox protoype

HyDry® : Automated control based on constantly measured actual values


IRES Project Manager: Process-oriented mobile service solution

Internet of Things

HyDry® : IoT connection to the communication network of IRES

IRES Project Manager – process-driven, intuitive, digital

This mobile digital service solution for daily use optimises your corporate procedures in the field of leak detection and drying:

1. Let’s get started!

Create the leak detection / drying project directly on-site or in your office and link devices to it.

2. Next…

Execute, modify and manage the project as required via the IRES Project Manager or the HyDry® customer portal.

3. Completion.

Completion and documentation of the project – including the transfer of the data and reports via an ERP connection.

Our training

In addition to our HyDry® equipment, we’ve developed a comprehensive training concept.


About us

IRES Infrarot Energiesysteme GmbH develops, produces and markets HyDry® products as well as the IRES Project Manager.

Research and development

We carry out research and develop our HyDry® equipment in our cutting-edge laboratory environment.

Are you interested in one of our products or services?

We look forward to hearing from you by phone or email!

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